Tips To Boost Router WiFi Signal

In the present, the Internet network with a WiFi signal connection has been widely used and very easy to find. In cafes, restaurants, hotels, and almost all public places available WiFi connection. Strength of the received WiFi signal depends on the receiving wireless device that we have.

If the WiFi signal is weak, sometimes makes us stress because internet access very slow. Don't despair, there are a few tips that can be done to boost WiFi signal.

Here are some tips how to boost WiFi signal on your receiver device.
  1. Attach an external antenna, you can replace the original antenna and installed it with an external antenna. Or if you have a lot budget, buy a wireless repeater.
  2. Remove all items that block your WiFi signal reception.
  3. Try not there a mirror in space around your WiFi device. Metallic effect on the mirror can reflect WiFi signals so that made ​​it interference.
  4. Change the settings on your network card to the maximum rate, to maximize the range of acceptance.
  5. Turn off the wireless network device when not in use.
  6. Reposition the computer case and other devices so as not a block the WiFi signal on the wireless router.
  7. Add a reflector near your WiFi signal receiving antenna.

Thus was a few simple tips that you can try to boost router WiFi signal, may be useful.

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