What Is Bimetallic Temperature Sensor?

Bimetallic temperature sensor is able to change the temperature scale into motion. This sensor is made of two pieces of metal are put together or glued together into one. The workings of these sensor is that every metal has a different coefficient of expansion, if the two pieces of metal that has united the different expansion coefficients of the second joint of the metal will bend when heated. Because it is able to bend when exposed to heat the bimetal switch is often used as an automatic temperature or as an analog temperature gauge.

Bimetallic Temperature Sensor

One application of Bimetallic temperature sensor is in an electric iron, on iron when the temperature exceeds a predetermined limit then the iron will die alone and there will be sound "tick", it is actually a Bimetallic temperature sensors that are curved. Here bimetallic temperature serves as a switch that will automatically break the electrical contact when the iron's temperature exceeds a specified threshold.

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