Useful Tips for Staying Young

Towards in the thirty-thirty five years of age, the skin processes begin to prevail upon his healing process, in other words, at this age the body begins to produce many more free radicals than can be disposed of through the anti-oxidants.

Useful Tips for Staying Young

It follows that while one side of the skin proteins, collagen and elastin begin to break down, causing loss of elasticity and hydration of the dermis, the pigment in unsightly brown spots that typically do its appearance with age. What happens to our skin, however, is only part of a more general process of aging that affects the body in its entirety.

However, the passage of time can not be stopped, all of us have many means to ensure that this process does not show its action too early resulting in accelerated. As we have already spoken of the anti-aging effects of a healthy and balanced diet, rich in antioxidant foods today we will see what precautions you should take to keep under control the production of free radicals from the body.

Beware of the sun
Excessive exposure to sunlight is a major cause of skin aging. For this reason it is important to take the sun only in the cooler hours of the day and always after you apply a sunscreen appropriate to our skin type.

Physical activity
Exercise keeps the body healthy and helps to down the stress and tensions, which are also largely responsible for the processes of aging. But don't over doing the exercise should be moderate and more suited to our needs.

The anti-wrinkle creams
Starting from thirty years of age or as soon as the signs of aging begin to be barely visible on the face, you should start using every day a good wrinkle cream that moisturizes and smooths the skin. This beautiful custom is also a great way to relax and pamper yourself a little.

Be careful to stress
Stress is one of the most common enemies of our well-being. Fighting them learning to take time for our selves every day and say no to unnecessary demands that distract us from what we would love to do more.

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