Type of damage on the CRT monitor and LCD Monitor

Type of damage on the monitor is very diverse, depending on brand and age of the monitor. Besides damage on CRT monitor, I'll mention a little about the damage that occurs in LCD monitors, because now LCD monitors beginning to socialize, and did not rule there will be experiencing the constraints of damage.

Type of damage on the CRT monitor
  1. Totally death, pre-checking can be done on a regional power supply, voltage output on converter transformer, and blocks horizontally. This damage can be caused by broken on the AC power fuse, damage on the power supply, one of the DC voltage converter is not working normally, or the horizontal output block.
  2. Monitor no picture, can provide a check on the oscillator, horizontal block, video block, the DC voltage is checked thoroughly, and also re-solder on the parts that are subjected to high heat, such as horizontal blocks and videos.
  3. Display color images is not complete, such as yellow or red images. This damage can be caused by failure on the cable signal / VGA, and also on the video block. Check the circuit line on the videos block, and check whether there are components that are dead /damaged.
  4. Dark images, this can be caused from the tube / CRT that has been too long in life (age old CRT), so the CRT filament is weak, can be resolved by outsmart the heater voltage of 6.3 volts grafting, with the heater on the way induce a voltage transformer or transformer FBT converter . Dark images can also be caused by damage on the elco / heater capasitor.
  5. Image size is not normal, it could be too large or small in the middle, usually caused by the transistor in the horizontal section is damaged.
  6. And much more, later in subsequent posts.

Due to time constraints, type of damage on the LCD monitor can not I write at this time, but you can still read another sample of damage LCD monitor here: Analyse And Repair The Damage Dell LCD Monitor

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