Seizures Causes

When find a seizures patients we are usually panic immediate. Therefore it may be necessary to know what the real cause of the seizure it self, so that in case of emergency at least we already know what to do.

If anyone sick of seizures is usually directly associated with epilepsy, when in fact a lot of muscle spasm causes pain or symptoms of a disease characterized by convulsions in theorgans of the body. Here are some of the causes of seizures:

  1. Lack of sleep, irregular sleep hours and sleep less portion can also cause pain spasms.
  2. Injury to the head or who had suffered from epilepsy patients can relapse at any time that is characterized by seizures.
  3. Drug intoxication or use of certain medications. For example when local anesthesia.
  4. The presence of infection.
  5. High fever, usually people sick with a fever if not properly handled will be the worst result of seizures.
  6. Metabolic disorders, such as hypoglycemia, hyponatremia or hypoxia.
  7. The presence of disease in the brain, such as brain tumors.
  8. Symptoms of a stroke.

Those are some symptoms of the disease that is sometimes characterized by the presence of seizures.This discussionis only as a material consideration, if it comes to serious disease conditions you should immediately see a doctor.

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