How To Repair Video Failure On The Notebook

The first thing to check out the video problems, you can find out by connecting a standard VGA connector found on a notebook with an external monitor, either CRT monitors or LCD monitors. If the monitor still does not turn, the possibility that damage is part of the motherboard or one of the internal video adapter. Damage can occur in the processor, RAM, or other parts.

You can begin by examining each component on the motherboard, remove the RAM and try to 'turn on' the notebook without using RAM. If it still does the same, check the cooling fan on the processor, if the fan failure can cause the processor does not work and the picture not come out on the monitor.

If the external monitor works fine, then the damage occurred on notebook video systems, which usually occurs on the VGA, LCD cable, or the LCD panel. You can start by opening the cover of the notebook, examine the connection between the motherboard to the LCD panel. If found there cables that failed, immediately measure and replace it with new cable.

If the problem occurs on the LCD panel, it is necessary to open the cover of the LCD panel and do an analysis of each component there. The part that is often damaged in the LCD panel is a high voltage capacitor, an inverter fuse, and backlight. If the backlight is damaged, you must carefully remove it and replace with new ones. Right now, backlight price is still expensive and hard to find.

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