What Is A Docking Station?

A docking station is a bridge to the past, many newer computers, but you may find you need one, even if you have the latest on-the-laptop market. The docking station is a device that can connect the laptop to get the extra features, such as access to printers, mice, scanners, monitors and full-size keyboards and external hard drives. All these devices can be connected to the docking station. Then, when you connect your laptop to the docking station, you can access all the peripherals without having to plug each one into the laptop. This can be especially useful if your laptop has a minimum number of USB or Firewire ports.

In fact, most newer laptop have more than enough USB or Firewire ports for occasional use. You may find, however, that you want to access your desktop monitors while using a laptop. You might even find that you want to use a larger keyboard than what comes standard with your laptop. In each of these cases, you can definitely connect the monitor or keyboard directly into the laptop. Connecting laptop in the docking station, however, allows much more flexibility.

An example where you would probably need to use a docking station is where you want to connect a laptop to a printer older newer. Printers also routine in the recent past have a connector serial port, something that probably will not find on the latest laptops. In this case, you can certainly buy an adapter, but you can also use a docking station, so that serial port connectors.

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