Was If Always Keep The Battery Connected to a Notebook While it is Powered by Mains Electricity, Can Cause Damage To The Notebook?

Was if always keep the battery connected to a notebook while it is powered by mains electricity, can cause damage to the notebook? Some say that if the battery is inserted and the laptop is also connected to the electricity network, the computer receives dual fuel and could be damaged. Others say it is useful to keep the battery in place when the laptop is plugged in, to avoid sudden switching off of the notebook.

Part of the confusion concerning the maintenance of the battery depends on the fact that laptops are not all equal: in the past was used mainly NiMH technology, while today they are used only lithium batteries that have different needs.

Lithium batteries are sensitive to three factors that contribute to degradation and loss of capacity: overcharging, overheating, and loss of efficiency of the electrolyte that separates the electrodes.

To avoid overcharging already provides the internal circuit of the notebook, which reads the status of electro-chemical elements of a chip inserted in the battery monitoring: it is for this reason that laptop batteries have many contacts. On computers with good quality system load monitoring is reliable and requires no special precautions to work best. 

In those older or too cheap can be a loss of synchrony between the battery and charger, so the computer incorrectly reports that the battery is fully charged or vice versa indicates that the charge while it is low. Solve the problem of reconditioning the battery every six months you have to discharge completely and then put it back in office for 16 hours.

Run this procedure only if you realize that the charge indicator of the computer is not reliable in the latest PC and do not need good quality reconditioning.

The battery gets hot when it is too close to the CPU heat sink or cooling vents are blocked. Could you put the laptop on a windy, but if the battery is too hot it is better to remove it to preserve it. The electrolyte degrades with time, and after a few years the battery loses capacity even if you do not ever use. The rate of degradation depends only on the quality of the materials with which it was built. To avoid damage to the battery, do not let her keep it plugged into the computer without being charged. If you decided not to insert it into your PC, do not leave it unplugged from the computer for too many months.

The computer drains the battery even when turned off, and there is a little too disconnected battery consumption, the effect of chip load monitoring. If the lithium battery will discharge excessively and is left in this state for weeks or months, enter into failure and is no longer possible to reload it.

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