Symptoms of Autism

What is autism? Autism is a symptom of disease arising in children before the age of three years, which led to a complex developmental disorder. The main cause of autism is a brain function in children who are unable to interact and communicate with the outside world, more accurately called a neurobiological disorder.

Symptoms of autism can be seen from the attitude of children who do not care about thepeople around and the environment, and behavior that do not want to communicate andseemed to live in his own world. Children with autime also impaired in understanding the language and communicate verbally.

In addition to these symptoms, children with autism also often exhibit behaviors such asspinning, walking on tiptoes, and flapping his arms like wings. Other symptoms of autism can be seen from the attitude of children who are unable to control their emotions and tend to be hyperactive or very passive. Sometimes they cry, laugh, get angry for no apparent reason.


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