Recover Files from Damaged Hard Disk

When the computer hard drives would be puzzled, to get back the data that exist within your hard drive. In addition to losing a computer, there are actually serious an issue in this case, that you will lose all important files stored on your hard drive.

So, how to recover files from damaged hard disk? To recover data from damaged hard drives you can pay a technician, but it will certainly cost much, so now I will tell you a foolproof method that works in most cases.

First we need a 'Recuva freeware application, which aims precisely to allow recovery of files from your hard disk crashed.

Then you need an external hard drive adapter box, to change to the practice of internal external hard drive, so you can use it by connecting to a computer USB port, can also be done via USB-SATA IDE adapter like this.

At this point, so once connected to the disk 'drive where you want to restore data to a PC via a USB port converter, Recuva we are ready to launch the software and select the type of file to be recovered.

Once you have a list 'of the file just choose who you want to recover.

Download Recuva from here:

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