Most Common Causes Of Damage Notebook

Most Common Causes Of Damage Notebook - During the survey, 72% of respondents reported damaged notebook to have suffered damage to the keyboard, while 66% have suffered failures of the screen. Components are not exposed to suffer more damage include batteries and hard disk drives, both mentioned by more than 50% of respondents.

Human error and lack of attention are responsible for much of the damage, with 72% of respondents claiming to have dropped the laptop, 66% had liquid spilled on the device and 55% claiming to have done dropped from the desk or table. The departments that have suffered most damage are those of customer service, followed by the administration and sales.

Issues linked to damaged and broken laptops
According to the poll conducted by IDC, 63% of respondents reported a decline in production as a result of damage or breakage of the laptop, and has listed more than one third loss of data or relevant business information (37%) and delayed or lost sales(34%).

In parallel to the perspective provided by IDC in the UK, an increase in sales of laptops in 2010 compared to desktop computers, the analyst group has advised companies to choose more carefully the type of laptop that you intend to buy. "IDC says that new strategies for the purchase of laptop should include specific metrics that concerns the quality of the product with an eye to durability," said David Daoud. "Businesses should obtain the notebooks specially designed to withstand different situations, not only to dust, dirt and extreme temperatures, but also strokes and sketches. They should also obtain a notebook in which key components such as keyboards and screens are reinforced, ensuring that the internal parts are of durable quality. "

"The use of laptops has become ubiquitous in the enterprise with a growing number of departments that benefit from the flexibility and convenience offered but that put a little attention to the type of product purchased and the impact of the" total cost of ownership"about," said Stephen Yeo, Marketing Director EMEA Panasonic Toughbook."Companies should consider whether a ruggedized laptop is right for its staff because in many cases the high initial investment is quickly repaid by the long life expectancy of products and cost savings from the ordinary."

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