How About Laptop Battery

A laptop with a battery too small, is like a machine that is able to load only 10 liters ofgasoline. The difference is that you do not need a distributor, but a power outlet.

This particular issue depends on the type of use that will be the laptop. In most cases, the laptops are used by a fixed-line operation. If you want to use the laptop outside, a goodbattery is essential. A possible alternative could be a secondary battery that allows you toincrease autonomy. In addition, some manufacturers offer solutions or ultra-multibays,allowing you to insert an additional battery instead of the optical drive.

A considerable autonomy under load is about 2h and 4h without load. You can read more about battery load time here: How Long a Laptop Batteries Can Survive Before Recharged?

You also need to consider that the specifications provided by the manufacturer are theoretical and can differ greatly in practice.

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