The Authority Is

The authority is a term often used in the field of governance, which means the claim of legitimacy or justification for the right to exercise power. Authority is often equated with the term 'power', when in fact not the same, more power refers to the ability to rule someone that other people do not have that ability.

Since the advent of the social sciences, the authority has been the subject of empiricalresearch in a variety of settings: the family (parental authority), small groups (informalauthority of leadership), intermediate organizations, such as schools, churches, armies, industries and bureaucracies (organizational authority and bureaucracy) and theorganization of society-wide or inclusive, ranging from the most primitive tribal society to a nation-state organizations and secondary modern (political authority).

While the definition of authority in contemporary social science is a matter of debate.According to Michaels, in the Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, the authority is the capacity, innate or acquired to carry out its influence on the group. Other scientists,however, argues that the authority is not a capacity but a relationship. This is asanctioned power, institutionalized power.

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