Analyse And Repair The Damage Dell LCD Monitor

Analyse And Repair The Damage Dell LCD Monitor - Long time no write about repair monitor and PC, in fact many new findings that need to be archived here, but I am a little busy lately. Ok, this time I just want to talk a little about Dell LCD monitor repair, the Dell monitor is most easily analyzed if they are damage.

Damage on the Dell LCD monitor not far from a bulging capacitor (burning), so checking can immediately see the physical. Be it 15, 17, 19, and 20 inch all the same, most damaged is a capacitor.

Besides capacitor, there are also components that need to be check like a fuse on the inverter, inverter transformer, as well as backlights. But in the case of faulty backlight can usually be seen from the symptoms of the early pictures came out, but then die. Well, this kind of damage is most likely a faulty backlight. Some picture tutorial how to change the backlight I've been ever written in: replacing lcd monitor lamp/ backlight.

Another possibility is IC/ Integrated Circuit at the inverter is also damaged, but such damage is usually characterized by symptoms of lcd monitor if heat death, or the monitor is on for a while (like a flash light) and then continue to die, and the voltage at the transformer inverter will not come out.

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