Price Of ASUS Laptop Adapter/ Adaptop

Price Of ASUS Laptop Adapter/ Adaptop - Here some price of ASUS adapter/ ASUS adaptop, wich all price is calculated in Ringgit Malaysia.

Model and price of ASUS adapter
  1. Asus EEEPC 900 901 1000h 1002HA 1000XP 12V 3A AC Adapter - RM 70.00
  2. New Original Delta 19V 3.42A AC Adapter for Asus/Toshiba/Gateway/NEC - RM 120.00
  3. Cooler Master 90W AC adapter for Acer/Asus/HP/Dell/IBM/Sony/Samsung - RM 125.00
  4. Asus Z2000 Z9200 Z9300 Z9400 Z9600 Z1000 X81 M5200 W2000 AC Adapter - RM 65.00
  5. Asus Z9400 X50 M2400E X71 X70 L3800 AC Adapter - RM 65.00
  6. Asus A3Hf A3A L3800 X71 M3N M3000N M3NP M3000NP AC Adapter - RM 65.00
  7. Asus Liteon M2N M3N M5A W3 W5 PA-1700-02 19V 3.42A / 3.16a AC Adapter - RM 65.00
  8. Cooler Master ULTRA SLIM 95W AC adapter for Acer/Asus/HP/Dell/IBM - RM 159.00

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