Benefit of Fire Matches

When I hear the title matches, perhaps a thought about the first time is a partner of cigarettes. Usually easier to find a cigarette instead of looking for matches, for example time again get together, get together at the intersection or hanging out at the terminal, sometimes there are people greet us "bro, please borrowed a match flame" or "bro, do not have matches?".

Very rarely hear the word "bro, do not have a cigarette?" or one more "bro, please ask her cigarette .." some people say like this, perhaps because of shame or pride. In addition to turn on cigarettes, matches can also be useful to add new friends, like I said earlier, starting from the loan book of matches and then forwarded to smoke together and chatting in a friendly atmosphere, well add friends again right?

But more than simply to light a cigarette lighters actually have greater benefits is to light a fire or create a fire. Why not is tantamount to lighting a cigarette before bro? Haha.. I mean match function in general to create fire.

Fire in the real sense is a form of object / substance that is very hot, how about a fire in our souls? Is it hot? What is inside our souls also need matches to light the fire? If so, what kind of shape these matches? Where did he come from? ...

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Jo said...

i am smoker's and love matches too.. :D

Tutorials Tutorial said...

salam sobat
berkunjung pagi
postingan yang bagus kawan

Gaphe said...

untung gak pernah punya matches kayak gitu.. not a smoker sih.

kalopun ada untungnya, kayaknya mmalah banyak nggak untungnya deh
#repot bawa-bawa

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